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Train Station

Train Station

The construction of the railroad in Ecuador was one of the engines for the progress of the country, being constituted of the National Unity; this began in 1872 in the Government of Gabriel García Moreno.

In 1873, 91 kilometers from Yaguachi to Milagro are put into service and thanks to the triumph of the liberal revolution in 1895 The work is resumed by General Eloy Alfaro Delgado, who continues the construction and several years after the project "The most difficult railway of the world ", the project assumes this name because it passes through the nose of the devil in the hill Condor Puñana or Nest of the Condor.

After that, in 1908 it was officially inaugurated with a great civic party the Chimbacalle station in Quito. Unfortunately, in 1975, the governments lost interest in the railroad and road transport was developed.
In 2007, Railroad Rehabilitation begins in the government of President Rafael Correa Delgado; in 2008 the National Institute of Cultural Heritage (INPC) declared "Civil Monument and Historical, Testimonial, Symbolic Heritage."

With the aim of valorizing the recovery of this cultural and historical heritage of the country and its importance for Ecuador; The Middle of the World City built "The train station", it is a tourist space that allows the visitor to know the history through a timeline, which highlights the main events of this construction to the present. In addition, it has a wagon, which shows a video of the tour of the cruise train.