Ecuador Pavilion

Ecuador Pavilion

The Ecuador Pavilion of the Middle of the World was created as a space dedicated to exhibiting all artistic expressions. In this place the artist will be able to show his talent and works to the national tourist and foreigner creating unique experiences during his visit.

In that sense, actually one can appreciate the photographic exhibition of the most inhospitable places of nature, with the most shocking and paradisiacal scenes from the vision of Patricio Tisalema who was born in Amabato, at the moment it is international guide of "High Mountain" and counts with more than 17 years of climbing activity, experience that allowed him to be one of the few mountaineers of the continent that climbed alone and without oxygen to Mount Everest, in addition, has ascended to Cotopaxi more than 350 times and 60 to Chimborazo. With his project "The 7 Summits" it ascended to the highest mountains of each continent: Kosciuzco, Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, Mckinley, Elbrus, Everest and Mount Vinson.
Throughout all these years he has traveled the world climbing mountains and compiling an extensive photographic work. Aconcagua (America), Mc Kinley (Denail) (Alaska / Arctic), Vinson (Antarctica), Elbrus (Europe), Kilimanjaro (Africa), Kosciuzco (Australia), Everest (Asia). In addition, you can see the amazing landscapes, such as:

➤ The majestic Chimborazo, which is 6.384 kilometers away from the center of the earth, two kilometers more than Everest of Nepal that has 6.382 kilometers, this information was confirmed by the III Geodesic Mission.

➤ The grand Cotopaxi, which has an almost perfect snow cone and is at 5.897 meters of altitude, is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world because to the eruptions frequency, its eruptive style, its glacier coverage and the number of populations potentially exposed to their threats.