Discover the 60's technology!



The planetarium of the Middle of the World is equipped with German technology, has an optomechanical projector that allows to visualize about 3000 stars from any point of the Earth. In addition, to have its great dome, which invites you to contemplate the sky from the Middle of the World.

This attraction recreates the wonders of the world and the universe; starting from the birth of one of the brightest points of the sky known as stars and of the celestial bodies like the Moon and the comets.

The projection of the Solar System planets like Mars, Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter. In addition, the tourist will be able to observe the constellations of Orion or Sky Cathedral, the Nebula N42 or nest of stars, Cirio, Tauro, The Great Bear, The Southern Cross and the constellation of the Lion.

The Middle of the World City invites you to take a seat and tilt your face towards the sky to enjoy an unequaled experience in the planetarium.