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Cocoa Square


The Middle of the World City, invites you to know the Cocoa Plaza Dr. Nelson Serrano Reyes, named in honor of this outstanding character person, who was born in Azuay province, who cared for the neediest, he was a great writer, poet, lawyer, cooperative and one of his great passions for the countryside made him a farmer of vocation and practice, among other activities.

Dr. Nelson Serrano lived seven years living in Puerto Quito, he acquired "La Cumandá" and "El Negrito" plantations, where he dedicated himself to the cultivation of palmito, African palm and of course one of his great projects was to recover the Fine Cacao Of Aroma that led him to found the cacao table in that town.

The Middle of the World City seeks to preserve the legacy, created the Cocoa Square Dr. Nelson Serrano, because through this tourist attraction is intended to reveal the origin of the cacao, its history in Ecuador and Interactive learning process from grain to cocoa paste.


Harvest and Post-Harvest
To begin with the harvesting process, the cobs of the trees are lowered. On the farms or in the field, the cob is opened with a machete to remove the pulp or mass of cocoa.
Once in the farms, it is stored for 3 to 4 days in laurel wood boxes, covered with banana or banana leaves, to avoid heat escaping from the dough, since, thanks to the heat generated by the the same weight of the grains and the sun gets a better product.
Subsequently, the cocoa is dried outdoors. Its time can last several weeks, this depends on the climatic conditions of the sector where it was cultivated.
Homemade chocolate preparation, part of the toasted cocoa beans in clay pots *, are constantly removed with wooden spoons. After 10 minutes of toasting, the husk begins to loosen and the black cocoa beans remain.
Ground Process
Once the roasted cocoa is obtained, the traditional or industrial grind is used until the semi-liquid paste is obtained.

We invite you to make a historical tour of the Cacao in Ecuador and be an active part of the Cocoa process and at the same time you can taste products made with fine scent cocoa paste with a privileged view of the Equatorial Monument.